For the new kid in the kitchen…

Not Just OK PB&J

Pictured above: Banana Bonanza and Breakfast PB & J

Who doesn’t love that classic childhood favorite – the PB & J sandwich. It’s cheap, quick, and easy… all of which are Novice Noms necessities. I’m pretty sure that PB & J made an appearance in my lunchbox at least 4 times a week back when I was in elementary school. As a kid I basically DEMANDED that my PB & J was made using white bread, creamy peanut butter, and grape jelly. If someone had slipped me wheat bread with crunchy peanut butter and raspberry preserves, it would have been game over. No thanks. Take that gourmet creation away!

Now that my taste buds and I are all grown up, isn’t it time to give this simple little sandwich some pizazz? Now I know I’m not the first to
try to spruce up this dynamic duo. A company  named Peanut Butter & Co. has gone as far as to create flavored peanut butter spreads, and even open up a restaurant in NYC that specializes in custom PB & J creations. I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve salivated over their menu a number of times. Like most people however, I cant just pick up and go to NYC every time I get a craving for a bite of my childhood.

Not to fear people! There is an easy solution to this. All we need to do it get a little crafty at home, and see if we cant come up with a few of our own delectable creations. With PB & J, just about anything goes, but I want to offer up a few of my favorite variations just to get your brainstorming started.

Just a general tip to keep in mind as you concoct:

  1. Think about both flavor and texture. I love adding a little crunch to my PB & J.
  2. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Peanut butter and Cayenne pepper… why not!
  3. Almost any PB & J sandwich tastes better toasted. I promise.
  4. Try new breads, bagels, English muffins, waffles… etc…

Novice Noms PB &J Variations

  • The Hiker: PB, J, assorted nuts, dried fruit, and m&ms
  • Breakfast PB & J: PB, J, cereal of choice (I prefer raisin bran)
  • Banana Bonanza: PB, banana chips (or regular banana’s for less crunch), cinnamon, oatmeal, and honey
  • PB & J French toast: Traditional PB & J, dunked in eggs and cooked like french toast
  • PB Chocolate Sinner: PB, Nutella, crushed chocolate chip cookies
  • Fall Harvest: PB, thin apple slices, cinnamon
  • Big Bad Breakfast: PB, fried egg, bacon (warning this sandwich is delicious but may instantly clog your arteries)
  • Peanut Butter Joy: PB, Nutella, and coconut flakes
  • Jelly and Schmear : Jelly and cream cheese

That’s all I have for now. Try one of these tasty combos or get out there and star creating your own. Leave a comment and let us know if you come up with any great new ideas! I’d love to hear from you.

Also, just wanted to say a quick thank you to all my readers. We passed 1,000 hits this week! I really appreciate all the support and feedback you guys have given me!

Until next time, enjoy peanut butter and jelly time!


One response

  1. phyllis

    When I am in a desperate hurry ,
    A large spoon of PB gets stored in my hungry mouth,
    I run out the door, and keep sucking on the creamy PB as long as it lasts.
    My mind says thanks, comfortable in the knowledge
    That I won’t die of hunger .

    March 29, 2011 at 10:47 pm

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